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Hello world!

Welcome to the first Forest Schools of Karate Blog. Over the coming weeks, I’ll try and update you all on what was studied and the core principles covered in the lesson. Also, I will talk about any up and coming news going on for me and for the club.

Friday 6th March Panshanger

Tonight we worked on karate 101 punches and kicks. the lesson was taught in 3 stages.

  1. Working on jabs and crosses with a partner focusing on distance and precision. Students were asked to make sure that all strikes were on target.
  2. Working on kicks the same principle front kicks (Mae Geri) on target both legs and in left and right fighting stances.
  3. We now added another kick Mawashi Geri (Roundhouse kick) again on target.
  4. Next, we added Ushiro Geri (back kick) again on target middle level.
  5.  The full drill was front kick, round kick, back kick both sides.
  6. We then got into groups of 4 or 5 and had one person in the middle with an opponent at either side and front and back, the person in the middle had to perform the drill one kick per opponent making sure each kick was controlled and on target.
  7.  Finally, we got the parents up to form a wall of 3 layers. This is where we had the chance to work on power. the first wall we did Jab Cross front kick, second and third wall we did round kicks and back kicks.

Principles covered

  1. Striking and understanding of distance
  2. technique
  3. power

Additional News

  • Congratulations to Jamie Graves on achieving his Orange belt – keep up the good work
  • Big Thankyou to all the parents your help with the mats and pads is very much appreciated.
  • This weekend I will be attending a Vagabond warriors seminar held by Jamie Clubb in Oxfordshire please message me if you are interested in coming with me.
  • Jamie Clubb will be in WGC in June please see my facebook page for further details

So ends my first blog I hope you all enjoyed it till then  it goodbye from me happy training.




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